Market information and legal updates

As you would expect from a provider of legal services, we keep ourselves up to date with all and any legal developments and market developments, both legal and general.

We provide our clients with regular updates on those areas that might be of interest to them.

We try to ensure that such updates are relevant to our clients and that means we provide updates on legal matters not always directly related to the work we do within Corclaim, for example, on employment law.

As part of Shakespeare Martineau we have access to outstanding knowledge management resource and this provides us with the ability to keep our clients abreast of all and any important developments.

If you have any particular queries we are happy that we will have the answer and will be able to advise you properly. Not all ULR service providers can do this for you but at Corclaim we see this is a fundamental part of being in partnership with our clients and again we offer this service at no extra cost.

For further information about our uninsured loss recovery services please complete the request a call back form. Alternatively, you can call us on 03300 945 100 or speak to one of our partners directly.

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