Data provisions & i-cor

Our reports can be tailored as required, but as standard MI will be available in the following forms:

Monthly data reports

Distributed at the start of each month, these Ml reports will provide case by case information of all claims currently open, plus details of all claims settled or abandoned in the previous month. The report will further include a summary page providing an overview of the account position.

Trending results

This report will show the performance of the account across the range of KPIs on a monthly basis. The results are displayed on graphs over the current and previous two financial years to enable comparisons of the ‘trends’ as part of ongoing account management.

This report is usually distributed on a quarterly basis but a live version can be accessed on line at any point.

Online access

Our case management system ‘i-cor’ has been purpose built for our uninsured loss recovery needs.

It is an innovative system that allows us to manage service delivery and the provision of all necessary management information. It is an internet based system and so it is available from any web-enabled device.

As a client you would have full access to Icor, providing complete transparency to your claims information and management reports 24/7.

For further information about our uninsured loss recovery services please complete the request a call back form. Alternatively, you can call us on 03300 945 100 or speak to one of our partners directly.

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