The headline benefits of appointing Corclaim

We are ULR specialists

  • ULR is all that we do so we understand the issues faced and we know how to deal with those to maximise returns.
  • We have the scale of operation to handle your uninsured loss recovery work.
  • Our experience shows we pursue more heads of loss and will recover more in client damages than our competitors, even after the deduction of our fee.
  • Being a legal services provider also adds further value and real depth of expertise should your case touch upon such matters. Examples might include pursuing foreign nationals, issues pertaining to the recovery of standing costs and the Motor Insurer’s Bureau.
  • Our comprehensive ULR claims data is available 24/7 providing you access to individual claims or complete account information at the touch of a button.

We get results

  • We ensure that all monies for our clients are collected as soon as possible in order to manage cash flow.
  • We take the initiative in sourcing repair / excess documentation and, where documentation is not available, we have solutions in place to ensure you are not left out of pocket.
  • As a legal services provider we are able to issue legal proceedings without delay, using the full force of the law to pro-actively pursue your losses.
  • Our recovery rates, even allowing for split liability settlements, are consistently high and in our last three financial years our success rates are as follows:
Year Recovery rate
2015/16 90%
2016/17 90%
2017/18 89%

In 2018 we also:

  • Sent 7,611 letters before action
  • Issued 4,185 legal proceedings
  • Settled 6,853 cases
  • Recovered £17.3m of client damages

No win, no fee

  • Our no win / no fee arrangement ensures there is mutual benefit to maximising results and this includes fighting your corner on the more difficult heads of loss.
  • We are therefore fully incentivised to fulfil your loss recovery potential and to do so as quickly as possible.

Contact us

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